Winter & Ski Glove powered by ZIPGLOVE™ TECHNOLOGY

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Type: Gloves
SKU: F2172001-NVD-2T-4T

Putting gloves on your kid's fussy fingers is not an easy task. Aside from the struggle of getting those tiny fingers in the right place, you also have to consider your little one's safety and comfort as they play outside in the cold. That's why we designed our kids winter gloves with all your concerns in mind!

Our winter gloves are powered by ZIPGLOVE™ TECHNOLOGY. Putting gloves on your child's hands is now as quick as slip and zip. The soft fleece interior keeps those tiny hands warm and cozy while the waterproof and windproof exterior and 3M™  Thinsulate™ insulation protect them from extreme cold. The reflective strip and anti-slip features also allow for ease of use and your peace of mind.

Andy & Evan® is a registered trademark of Andy & Evan Industries, Inc.
ZIPGLOVE™ is a trademark of Ridge Street LLC and features patent pending technology used under license from Ridge Street LLC.

SLIP & ZIP SNOW GLOVES FOR KIDS - Getting kids to put on gloves is a common dilemma for parents. Slipping those tiny fingers in the right places can be a struggle. Andy & Evan® has a solution that lets you get through that frustrating process. Our winter gloves for kids are designed with patented ZIPGLOVE™ TECHNOLOGY on both sides, allowing you to put the gloves on and off your munchkin's fidgety fingers in a breeze. Putting on kids winter gloves is as easy as slip and zip!

 slip and zip glove

COLOR-CODED GUIDE INSIDE - Do your kids tiny fingers never end up the right place? It's a toddler thing. Fitting them in the right place can be quite a challenge. Our kids snow gloves are designed to make it easier for your kids. Along with the double zip opening which enables the glove to open wide, it's also designed with a color-coded interior. These features allow for easier coordination and accurate wear. The gloves also come in various styles suitable for both boys and girls.Color Coded Gloves

WARM FLEECE INTERIOR - Soft and snug, our winter gloves keep those adorable little hands warm as they play in the snow. The cozy fleece lining is made of breatheable polyester with extra warm 3M™  Thinsulate™ insulation, providing excellent protection in frigid weather. They're perfect as snowboard or ski gloves and any winter activities like sledding and building snowmen. Let your kids have fun without restriction with this essential winter wear.

WINDPROOF & WATERPROOF - Protect your child's delicate fingers from frostbite and frostnip with our windproof and waterproof winter gloves. The interlayer materials are made of high-quality, thick fabric, while the outer shell is 100% polyester. These winter gloves can withstand all your kid's snow adventures while providing them with exceptional comfort and protection.

ANTI-SLIP WITH REFLECTIVE TAPE - Our kids waterproof gloves are built with added features for your convenience and your child's safety. The reflective tape keeps the winter gloves visible when it's dark or in fog and rain. The exterior palm is lined with an anti-slip polyurethane fabric for enhanced grip. It works on touchscreens too so your child won't have to remove their gloves when using smartphones or tablets. 

Fabric Composition:

  • Shell: 100% polyester
  • Lining & Insulation: 100% polyester
  • Palm Grip: 100% polyurethane.

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    Size    Height (ins.) Weight (lbs.)
    0-3M 18-23 7-12
    3-6M 23-26 12-16
    6-9M 26-28 16-20
    9-12M 28-30 20-23
    12-18M 30-32 23-27
    18-24M 32-34 27-31



    Size    Height (ins.) Weight (lbs.)
    2T 33-36 30-33
    3T 36-39 33-36
    4T 39-42 36-40
    5Y 42-45 40-46
    6Y 45-48 46-53

    7Y (or 6X)

    48-51 53-61


    Age Group Size    Height (ins.) Weight (lbs.)
    Girls 51-52 61-72
    9/10  53-56 73-84
    11/12 57-59 85-96
    14 60-65 97-120
    Boys 8 51-52 61-72
    9/10  53-56 73-84
    11/12 57-59 85-96
    14 60-65 97-120



    Size    Height (ins.) Weight (lbs.)
    XS (3/4) 36 - 42" 33 - 40
    S (5/6) 42 - 48" 40 - 54
    M (7/8) 48 - 52" 54 - 72
    L (9/10) 52 - 56" 72 - 84
    XL (11/12) 56 - 59" 84 - 96


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    Size Waist (in)
    XS 28-29"
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    XL 38-41"